Jiri Palacky is an architect, founder of miniBrownfields initiative (2005). He is an Associate Professor at the Brno University of Technology where he directed the International Exchange Programme. From 2014 he is directing research and PhD studies at the same faculty as a Vice–Dean for Science. Form 2016 he is leading the Studio of Spatial Design at BUT. His long lasting interest in the architectural design, tectonics and sustainable town development is well expressed by his doctoral and habilitation thesis and essays (GIS inventory of the traditional manufacturing industrial cities of the Czech Republic after 1990, 2006; Methodology of architectural design: Constructive tactile modelling, complex layering and regeneration of miniBrownfields, 2011; Space light and form, 2013). Prior to the BUT (1997–2002) he has worked in architectural offices UAD Studio with architects A. Hladik, M. Kabela, J. Palacky and P.A.W. Architects J. Skrabal and L. Grym.

From 2006 to 2014 he taught at BUT with Professor P. Pelcak and with Professor V. Slapeta. During this time he was also appointed an Associate Dean for External Relations in charge of the collaboration with foreign universities (IIT Chicago among 40). Jiri Palacky lectured in various places (SARUP UW Milwaukee, Mies's Tugendhat in the City of Brno, December 2009; ETSA Madrid, FOLD-IT! May 2013; University of Brighton, On Brownfield regeneration, May 2008) as well as at international conferences and workshops (Kosice Technical University, Space–Light–Form, October 2013, Brno University of Technology, Regeneration as an ongoing process of recycling land, April 2013).

In the years 2013–2017 he was also a member of the Evaluation Panel of Technical Sciences of the Czech Science Foundation (GA CR) and is a reviewer of Journal of Urban Planning and Spatial Development (Urbanismus a územní rozvoj, ISSN 1212-0855). His research and publications focus on tectonics in architecture, parametric structures inspired by origami and architectural materiality. He also addresses the issue of regeneration of brownfield land and miniBrownfields. Since 2002, he has been the principal investigator or co-researcher in number of research and international projects (GACR , Leonardo da Vinci , SV and RP MSMT, OP VK).

In 1998 he founded his own design studio. His work has been presented in the exhibition Moonlighting–Sideways at the CCEA in Prague (May 2005). In 1999 he received together with architects Skrabal and Grym the Main prize Grand Prix OA Prague for the newly built building IPB Insurance Brno. In 2001 he received for cooperation on the House CAPITOL Brno together with architects J. Skrabal, J. Sapak and L. Grym the Grand Prix OA Prague for interior design.






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